Simple Plan releases first ever EP as closure of 2 years of touring

simple plan the second coming
Simple Plan has released their first EP and shares some new music with their fans all over the world. ‘Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming!’ is a collection of songs they wrote during the songwriting sessions for their last album. The band came up with over 75 songs for “‘Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming!” and it was a very tough process to narrow them down to the 11 that made the final cut for the album, so the band tells.

Simple Plan is starting to work on an upcoming 5th album and closing the GYHO! chapter after 2 years of touring all over the world. As a thanks you for that, the band thought it would be very cool to give the fans some new songs to get excited about. According to the band, they can’t wait to hear what the fans will think of the new music and are even more stoked to be writing a brand new album…

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