A Rainy Yet Radiant Third Day at NIBE Festival

The third day of the NIBE Festival was a showcase of incredible talent and energy, despite the less-than-ideal weather. From classic Danish rap to fresh pop sounds, the day was filled with memorable performances that kept the crowd engaged and entertained.

Photo’s (c) Morten Holmsgaard Kristensen


Niarn wowed a tent filled to the brim on the Blue Stage with an incredible performance. He exuded excitement and vitality following his successful kidney transplant, and the crowd loved seeing him back on stage. Niarn’s trademark mix of humour and witty lyrics kept the mood upbeat despite the rain. His greatest hits made the audience feel both happy and nostalgic, demonstrating that old-school hip-hop can still be amazing.

The experience was enhanced by Niarn, who engaged with the crowd nonstop and kept everyone bobbing their heads. His enthusiasm and dedication were clear, resulting in a memorable evening that made us appreciate classic Danish rap all over again. At NIBE Festival, Niarn proved why he’s still one of the greatest in the Danish rap industry. The afternoon was vibrant and full of happy music.

Benjamin Hav & Familien

Benjamin Hav & Familien blew everyone away on the NIBE Festival Main Stage like a bomb of groovy energy. Despite the gloomy and rainy weather, they were able to spread summertime vibes and sunshine across the audience. Benjamin Hav showed off his amazing ability to enthral the crowd from the very first song. He had a captivating stage presence, and he and Familien gave a dynamic and passionate concert. Everyone was carried away by the intense performance of hip-hop and pop-infused music.

The gifted musicians that makeup Familien contributed with ensemble playing and brilliance, and their rapport with Benjamin Hav was clear. The experience was enhanced by an amazing light and stage show that went well with the song. Benjamin Hav & Familien demonstrated why they should perform on the biggest stages. You could see the enjoyment on stage and a carefree summertime attitude. It’s time for you to see them live if you haven’t already. They provide an entire experience that lingers long after the final note is played.

The Bats

This band demonstrates why everyone can attend the NIBE Festival. This band IS NIBE Festival. They headlined the very first one and have played there ever since. The Bats, who were founded in the middle of the 1980s, play a range of classic tunes from the 1950s and beyond while maintaining the distinct, jangly but sharp guitar sound that was popular at the time. They cover a wide range of musicians from Denmark and abroad, and they are renowned for their warm, rhythmic indie vibe and harmonized vocals.

They play all the biggest hits we all know, and love, and just make you want to sing along. Even with the rain coming down harder at this point, the Reserve Stage was almost filled, and there were smiles and singing as far as the eye could see. They are not afraid to add their unique touch to other artists’ works. The setlist brings a little bit of something for everyone. And the audience at this show included everyone from the absolute youngest right up to their grandparents.


Danish pop group Blæst has stormed onto the Danish music scene in the last couple of years and with good reason. Blæst warmed hearts and bodies with their spectacular performance last night at the NIBE Festival. Festival-goers crowded beneath the tent, creating a warm and personal feeling despite the pouring rain outside.

The smooth and funky sound of Blæst was just what we needed to rekindle the fire. Everyone was moving and singing along thanks to their contagious energy and enthralling tunes, which transformed the soggy evening into a celebration of music and community. The band had an excellent performance, showcasing their amazing talent with each song’s flawless harmony and rhythm. The positive energy within the tent persisted despite the weather because of Blæst’s ability to engage with the crowd and maintain a positive atmosphere.

Photo’s (c) Morten Holmsgaard Kristensen

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