Dario G passed away

Dario G, born Paul Spencer, passed away on Monday due to cancer. The British artist was renowned for his captivating and unique contributions to the music scene, especially with his worldwide hit “Sunchyme” from 1997. This track, characterized by its uplifting melodies and catchy samples, brought a wave of joy and positive energy to millions of listeners worldwide.

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Paul Spencer was born in England and began his musical career in the late 1980s. He formed a DJ duo with Scott Rosser, and they started producing dance music. In 1989, Stephen Spencer (no relation) joined them, and they adopted the name Dario. When they discovered the name was already taken by another artist, they changed their name to Dario G, a reference to Dario Gradi, the manager of the football club Crewe Alexandra, as well as the saxophonist Kenny G. When Scott and Stephen left the project, Paul Spencer continued solo under the name.

Dario G’s musical journey took off in the 1990s, and his work quickly became synonymous with summer anthems and club classics. In addition to “Sunchyme,” he found success with tracks like “Carnaval de Paris,” associated with the 1998 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan, and “Dream to Me,” which solidified his reputation as a master of euphoric dance music. He repeated this feat in 2010, collaborating with Pitbull on the soundtrack for the World Cup.

Throughout his career, Dario G collaborated with numerous artists and incorporated the voices of legends such as Johnny Cash and Shirley Bassey. He also remixed tracks that transcended various music genres. His ability to create music that resonated emotionally while filling dance floors made him a beloved figure in the music industry.

Dario G was celebrated not only for his music but also for his ability to bring joy and unity through the universal language of melody and rhythm. His contributions have enriched the world of dance music and will continue to live on for many years.

Dario G was 53 years old.

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