Manu Chao Shares ‘Viva Tu’

Photo(c) Moises Saman @ Magnum Photos

Manu Chao has released his new single ‘Viva Tu’, the first track from his upcoming album set to be launched later this year through Because Music. ‘Viva Tu’ embodies multiple messages: “long may you live,” “be yourself,” and “believe in yourself.” It’s a beacon of hope in a troubled world, a gesture of open-handedness. While hate comes easily, love demands courage.

For many, ‘Viva Tu’ signifies Manu Chao’s comeback, though he has never truly been away. Instead, he’s been journeying discreetly, embracing simplicity and traveling with just two friends—”three guys and three sticks.” This minimalist lifestyle reflects a healthier worldview, free from material and emotional excess. Manu Chao continues the timeless tradition of the folk singer without a stage, sharing stories alongside those who come to listen. From ancient storytellers to Woody Guthrie, he perpetuates this enduring legacy.

‘Viva Tu’ is both an introduction and a rumba crafted for his neighbors in Barcelona and beyond. It’s like a message in a bottle, created from words born of instinct rather than premeditation. As Manu often says, “chance is the greatest artist of all time.” He collects “little bits” that eventually form a song, transforming accidents into art. His lyrics meet the gaze of others, inviting them into his heart. The accompanying video, vibrant with a thousand colors, celebrates life’s simplicity and the beauty of slowing down, breaking away from the rush of modern life.

Manu Chao is a minstrel, a wanderer, a free spirit moving from village to village. He makes the most of every stopover, whether at a theater, an inn, or a simple gathering of friends. He is the world’s most anonymous star, crossing continents with a poet’s grace. Even those unfamiliar with his name recognize him through his music, which resonates at festivals, weddings, funerals, and countless other events. Manu Chao moves in tune with the solstices, driven by a truant’s ambition. He is a singer and a song-gatherer, ever-present whether in a supermarket in Melun, France, or a remote village in Uruguay.

‘Viva Tu’ is more than just a single; it’s a promise of what’s to come in the album, and Manu Chao remains a constant presence, sharing his music and his heart with the world.

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