Jeff Mills – The Trip: Enter The Black Hole

In Jeff Mills’ latest sonic odyssey, “The Trip: Enter The Black Hole,” listeners are taken on an immersive cosmic journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space. With his signature blend of electronic music and futuristic storytelling, Mills explores the enigmatic realm of black holes and delves into the mysteries of what lies beyond.

From the outset, “The Trip: Enter The Black Hole” invites listeners to embark on a journey beyond the confines of planet Earth. More than two decades since its inception, the project has evolved into a new chapter, now focusing on encountering the formidable phenomenon of the black hole. Through meticulously crafted soundscapes, Mills paints a vivid sonic portrait of the journey through the event horizon and beyond.

The album’s concept is rooted in the theoretical possibilities of traversing a black hole, where the laws of nature as we understand them are bent and reshaped. Mills presents five theoretical scenarios of what may unfold after entering the black hole, with each track offering a glimpse into the surreal and bewildering landscapes of space-time distortion.

One of the standout features of the album is the collaboration with renowned Japanese New Wave vocalist Jun Togawa. Her emotional vocals add an additional layer of depth to tracks like “Contradiction” and “Hole,” enriching the sonic tapestry with haunting melodies and poignant lyrics. The synergy between Togawa’s vocals and Mills’ intriguing rhythms creates an enchanting juxtaposition of sound and emotion.

Throughout “The Trip: Enter The Black Hole,” Mills masterfully weaves together elements of electronic music, ambient textures, and science fiction themes to create an immersive listening experience. Tracks like “Entering The Black Hole” and “Infinite Redshift” evoke a sense of cosmic wonder and awe, while “Time Reflective” and “When Time Stops” delve into the ethereal realms of temporal distortion.

In addition to his sonic exploration, “The Trip: Enter The Black Hole” also features contributions from guitarist Kazuhide Yamaji, who adds a touch of rock ‘n’ roll flair to tracks like “Contradiction (Silent Shadow Mix).” The result is a versatile sonic journey that defies genre boundaries and transports listeners to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Overall, Jeff Mills’ “The Trip: Enter The Black Hole” is a captivating musical odyssey that pushes the boundaries of electronic music and invites listeners to contemplate the mysteries of the cosmos. With its richly layered compositions and evocative storytelling, the album is a testament to Mills’ visionary approach to music production and his enduring fascination with the unknown. (8/10) (AXIS Records)

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