Royal Republic – LoveCop

The Swedish band Royal Republic does not like to be put in a box, even though their bio states that they are a power disco band. Their albums often take many directions, making the records generally very entertaining. This new album, ‘LoveCop,’ is no different. Disco, 80s synthpop, and a bit of funk, often accompanied by a good guitar riff. Does their versatility succeed once again?

Not only on record has the band built a strong catalogue, but their live shows are also known for being energetic and impressive. With these two ingredients, Royal Republic has managed to create a decent fanbase that is still growing. The catchy hooks mixed with the often ironic humour found in the lyrics make time fly by. Now, this new ‘LoveCop’ with its 35-minute length is not long and indeed passes by quickly. It contains eleven tracks, although it’s unnecessary to list an intro as a separate song on the tracklist. It’s typical Royal Republic to name the intro ‘Intro My House.’ Following that is ‘My House’ with another intro, which seamlessly transitions into the main track. The guitar sound in this song, just like in ‘Electra,’ is reminiscent of ‘Money For Nothing.’

Thanks to the versatility of frontman Adam Grahn. In the ballad ‘Laserlove,’ he showcases the strength of his vocals in their purest form. This track, with a mix of Chicago, meets Def Leppard and a touch of Tears For Fears and Talk Talk, is one of the strongest songs on the new album. In other songs like ‘Freakshow,’ we hear the completely different side of Grahn’s vocals where he sings much rougher. ‘Ain’t Got Time’ is a prime example of a Royal Republic song. A track of just under three minutes with various riffs and rhythms that together sound as if it was always meant to be.

Standing still is once again made impossible on ‘LoveCop’ by the Swedish power disco-ers. The band proves once more to be one of a kind, creating their sound with delightful, funny, yet cleverly put-together songs. Although, the next album could be a bit longer. (8/10) (OMN)

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