The Speed Of Sound released “Minerva” album for the 35th anniversary

Manchester’s The Speed Of Sound has unveiled their latest album “A Cornucopia: Minerva”, commemorating their 35th anniversary as power-pop psychonauts. Released via Big Stir Records, this marks the first instalment of the three-album series “A Cornucopia: Minerva, Victory, Bounty”. The music video for ‘The Great Acceleration’ accompanies the release, following the lead single ‘West Wind’.

Available in both vinyl and CD formats, these deluxe editions encompass three album sets under the overarching title “A Cornucopia”, with each set containing the additional full-length albums “Victory” and “Bounty”. However, the journey commences with “Minerva”.

Despite three and a half decades in the music scene, The Speed Of Sound’s signature sound remains refreshingly novel and irresistibly catchy. Their latest release “A Cornucopia: Minerva” showcases the band’s ambition, energy, and eccentric melodic brilliance.

In this album, named after the goddess associated with wisdom, the arts, and strategic warfare, The Speed Of Sound explores themes of resistance to mainstream cultural dominance, championing individual identity and artistic creativity. Moreover, it serves as a spirited musical celebration of subcultural existence against the backdrop of predominantly bland pop culture.

Comprised of father-and-son duo John Armstrong (guitars and vocals) and Henry Armstrong (keyboards), along with Ann-Marie Crowley (vocals and guitar), Kevin Roache (bass guitar), and John Broadhurst (drums), The Speed Of Sound delivers 14 fresh and diverse tracks in “Minerva”. From the fast-paced rhythms of “West Wind” to the introspective ballad “Trickledown” and the expansive soundscape of ‘The Great Acceleration’, each song offers a unique sonic experience.

With their eclectic and genre-defying style, The Speed Of Sound expands upon their foundation of 1960s influences, punk, and new wave, pushing boundaries and crossing borders while maintaining a sense of continuity. Their music is characterized by experimentation, melodic sensibility, and sharp lyrical wit.

Having continuously produced music imbued with optimism and lyrical depth over the past 35 years, The Speed Of Sound remains an enduring force in the music industry. “A Cornucopia: Minerva” is now available from Big Stir Records via Bandcamp, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the band’s rich sonic tapestry.

01. West Wind (2:39)
02. SS-100-X (3:13)
03. Eight Fourteen Monday (2:59)
04. The Party Sniper (People Down There) (3:09)
05. Half Life (2:47)
06. Mind Palace (3:09)
07. The Great Acceleration (4:26)
08. The Harvest (2:28)
09. Bodysnatchers (2:20)
10. Trickledown (3:23)
11. Clickbait (2:39)
12. Yet Another Tuesday (2:54)
13. So Faux (2:59)
14. Question Time (2:53)

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