Bass legend T.M. Stevens passed away

Photo (c) Dagmar Hollmann

Today it was announced that legendary American bassist T.M. Stevens died Sunday evening. The musician had been suffering from dementia for some time. Stevens was a virtuoso bassist who gained fame for his unique playing style, which combined elements of jazz, funk, rock and soul. He has collaborated with many big names in the music industry, including Prince, James Brown Hendryx, Bootsy Collins, Joe Cocker, Cyndi Lauper, Little Steven, Tina Turner, Narada Michael Walden, Steve Vai, Taylor Dayne, Billy Joel and Stevie Salas. Salas was one of the first to announce the news of Stevens’ death.

Thomas Michael Stevens’ career began in the 1970s when he played with several funk bands in Minneapolis and recorded albums with Narada Michael Walden, Yoshiaki Masuo and David Sancious, among others. In 1981 he moved to Los Angeles, quickly becoming a beloved session musician and recording his first album with The Space Cadets. He played on numerous albums and singles and toured with various artists.

In addition to his work as a session musician, Stevens also released several solo albums. In 1995 he recorded ‘Boom’ with Out of Control, followed by ‘Sticky Wicked’ a year later. Stevens was a passionate musician, always looking for new forms of musical expression. He inspired many musicians with his virtuosity and unique playing style and was the creator of the heavy metal funk music style.

In 2017 it was announced that Stevens was suffering from an advanced stage of dementia and had been admitted to a care home. T.M. Stevens was 72 years old.

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