Maxazine Presents: Colbie Caillat Essentials (curated by Colbie Caillat) 

Colbie Caillat is best known to the general public for her hits “Bubbly”, “The Little Things”, “Fallin’ for You” and “Lucky”, which she recorded with Jason Mraz. The talented singer-songwriter is known for her calm voice, sincere lyrics and relaxed acoustic pop music. Born in Malibu, her musical journey began at an early age, encouraged by her parents, who both worked in the music industry. At the age of 19, Caillat started writing and recording her own music. Her debut album “Coco” was received with praise from critics and fans alike. A perfect start in the music industry.

After the success of “Coco”, Caillat released a series of well-received albums, including “Breakthrough”, “All of You”, “Gypsy Heart”, “The Malibu Sessions” and last year’s “Along the Way”, on which she suddenly goes in the country direction. She has collaborated extensively with other artists, including Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift and Common, and has won numerous awards, including a Grammy Award for her collaboration with Jason Mraz on the song “Lucky.” With her distinctive voice and timeless melodies, Colbie Caillat remains a beloved figure in the music world. Her heartfelt lyrics and relaxed style have earned her a loyal fan base and her music will undoubtedly resonate with listeners around the world for many years to come.

While Colbie Caillat will be performing during C2C in Rotterdam, Berlin and London, Maxazine thought it was time to put this beautiful singer in the spotlight and take a closer look at what beautiful things she has created over the years. So we asked Colbie herself to put together a list of 15 songs that, according to Colbie, are the best songs to describe her entire oeuvre. Colbie took up the challenge and compiled her musical footprint exclusively for Maxazine: The best collection of Colbie Caillat tracks to best get to know the singer in a short time. Maxazine proudly presents Colbie Caillat Essentials, compiled by Colbie Caillat herself .

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