Big Walk Dog – Play Off

Rapper Big Walk Dog from Mississippi could have had a career as a line-backer in American football if he had not become a rapper, but his life path led him to Gucci Mane’s record label 1017. In 2022 he released his debut album on it. This album ‘Trick City’ did quite well for a debut album, but did not yet provide a breakthrough. That could change this time, with the successor ‘Play Off’. It is undeniable that there are a lot of rap albums being released, so you will have to come from a good background to stand out and make a point.

Big Walk Dog has good cards in its hands with its second album. The album has no fewer than fourteen tracks. The album was extensively tackled in terms of production, Big Walk Dog had a whole team of painters behind them who did their best to make every track as good as possible. Production sounds old-school, but at the same time very modern and nice and transparent. That’s a rarity on rap albums.

As on many rap albums, the main theme that Big Walk Dog addresses is life on the street. A kind of coming of age album that tells in an often subdued and unfeeling manner about what can be seen as a dysfunctional social life. Big Walk Dog talks about it, but doesn’t brag, in a kind of understated way he raps about life, as if it passes him by, he is not part of it. Opening track ‘Day in the life’ has a beautiful, compelling flow, which blends beautifully with the beats. This is well done.Whether the flute in ‘No Limit’ is a humorous reference to Andre 3000’s last album will always remain a mystery, but this is another typical Big Walk Dog track. There is a good dash of retro rap in it and that makes it very fun to listen to. Would like to know what machine was used to make those beats.

On ‘Flock Together’ Big Walk Dog collaborates with his boss Gucci Mane. Nice song. This will do very well in the clubs and in the charts. Dog and Mane’s flows also go well together. Good combination.

All in all, ‘Play Off’ as the second album is a huge step forward for Big Walk Dog. There is no really weak track on this album, but there are a number of real standouts. Credibility goes up 100 points with this album. Please note that Big Walk Dog can become a big one. (7/10) (1017 Records)

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