Beautiful second day Sziget

On this hot second day of Sziget, a number of big names were scheduled. The day was completely sold out. It promised to be a great day.

Easy Life

For the first act of the day, the Main stage was decked out with floral wallpaper. There were bits of wall with windows and doors everywhere, papered with a nice corny wallpaper. The band Easy Life from the UK were allowed to open the Main stage this Friday. With their laid-back indie pop, they quickly managed to gather a large crowd in front of the stage. Despite the fast pace of the lyrics, a large group of fans were singing along from the very first song.

Carson Coma

On this warm Friday afternoon, it was time for the first Hungarian performance on the Main stage. The stage was beautifully decorated with huge plants, statues and two fully set tables. Even before the band took the stage, 12 people in gowns first walked onto the catwalk. They made a lap and then sat down at the tables, where they quietly ate from their plates.

When the band walked on stage, the crowd erupted. The rock band Carson Coma has won over a large group of supporters in just a few years. Although they sang their entire set in Hungarian, the audience still sang along very loudly. It was noticeable that this band was very popular among Hungarian visitors to the festival. So despite the fact that the lyrics were not for everyone to follow, it didn’t seem to matter. A huge crowd of people had gathered in front of the stage and people were dancing on all sides.

Halfway through the set, the attitude of the people on stage changed. How quietly they sat eating at first, out of nowhere they started headbanging. Moments later, all 12 of them were even dancing on top of the tables and throwing grapes at the audience. This example made the crowd go even wilder.

The band’s singer, Fekete Giorgio, wore a pink shirt with the text ‘A homof√≥bok buzik’, which means ‘homophobes are gay’. The band was already known for not shying away from voicing their opinions.


An hour later in the evening, it was time for one of the wildest performances on the Main stage. English singer Yungblud came to give his performance. Before he actually took the stage, live footage from behind the stage was shown on the screens. Yungblud got ready for his performance and already promised that it would be an awesome show. He made it clear that he wanted to see a lot of mosh pits.

With “21st Century Liability”, he came running onto the stage. Full of energy, he jumped all over the stage, from left to right and across the catwalk. During the second song, the promised mosh pits already started. Although “The Funeral” is not Yungblud’s wildest song, that did not stop the audience.

During most of the songs, Yungblud asked everyone to put their arms in the air and wave back and forth. Because it was so crowded and everyone joined in, this looked beautiful. Thanks to the singer’s rousing songs and energy, everyone, right down to the Ferris wheel, joined in the show. For the song “Sweet Heroine”, things took a very different turn. He took a seat behind a piano and played an acoustic version of the song. Halfway through, he asked everyone to hug each other, the entire audience rocking back and forth to the beat of the music.

The last two songs of the set were sung along the loudest of all. First came the recently released “Lowlife”. This is also very well-known on TikTok, so even those who have not heard of Yungblud knew this song. During the very last song, “Loner”, the singer pulled some fans from the audience. He invited them to dance on stage with him. A great ending to a great show.

Imagine Dragons

The headliner of the evening came not much later on the Main stage. Dan Reynolds, the band’s singer, initially came on stage alone. He immediately walked onto the catwalk, where he hardly left for the rest of the concert. He sang the song “My Life”, before the rest of the band also came forward. Right then, the confetti cannons exploded for the first time. Immediately after, they put on ‘Believer’ and the crowd went wild. Almost every song ended with a confetti cannon, burying the front rows of the audience every few minutes. After two songs, Reynolds took off his shirt to loud cheers from the audience.

The song “Whatever It Takes” was given an extra-long outro. The guitarist and bassist, Wayne Sermon and Ben McKee, walked to the end of the catwalk. There, they both showed off their musical skills. Here it was also easy to see that McKee had decorated his bass guitar with both the trans flag and the rainbow flag. Before the song “Demons” began, Reynolds gave an emotional speech. He spoke about the importance of therapy when struggling with mental problems. He told his story of how well this has helped him. Clearly emotional, he launched into the song, which was about his own ‘demons’.

During the upbeat number ‘On Top of the World’, huge balloons were thrown into the audience, which kept dancing over the crowd throughout the song. With three more songs after that, this great show came to an end far too soon. After the set ended, you only realized how many hits this band has actually had. Almost every song they played has been a huge hit and could be sung along by anyone.

Photo’s (c) Wyona Latupeirissa

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