Emilia Vaughn Releases Debut EP, “Eighteen”

Emilia Vaughn is a name that is surely demanding attention this summer. You may have heard one of her live performances in OC or San Diego, her single “Sunflower” playing in the overhead speakers of retail stores throughout the country, or on your favourite Spotify playlist. At just 18 years old, it is fitting that Vaughn would wrap her debut EP with a title that so perfectly sums up her teenage years. Today, July 22, 2022, “Eighteen” hits all digital music stores, while industry and fan attention grows just as fast as Emilia’s public catalogue.

Photo (c) Chlo Subia

“Eighteen,” was released under Emilia’s independent label Emilia Vaughn Entertainment and Media Group, with support from artist development partners OC Hit and DNT Entertainment. The EP was written by Emilia Vaughn with co-write support on a few songs by Gabby Neeley, executive production by Thomas Barsoe, and co-produced by Nick Stone and Robbie Dean for OC Hit, with production support by Emilia herself. The 5 song EP will include three new original songs, “Missed My Flight,” “Whore,” and “Sleep On It.”

Emilia’s debut EP covers the highs and lows of teenage years in a way that listeners of all ages can relate to. It includes a variety of musical styles, demonstrating Emilia’s youthful and experimental side, while the lyrics show her high level of emotional maturity. These playful melodies paired with insightful lyrics mimic the transformation from teenager to young adult.

“I wrote my EP, ‘Eighteen,’ about the ups and downs of being a teenager. Falling in and out of love, losing friendships, losing feelings, and struggling with identity. This project was a way for me to release that heaviness and create something beautiful; a form of therapy. Music has been my favourite memory and my safest place in those times. I feel blessed to be able to share that with the world.” – Emilia Vaughn

The three new singles on the EP are a beautiful compliment to Emilia’s pre-released music and provide listeners with a well-rounded display of her songwriting and vocal ability. “Missed My Flight,” describes Vaughn’s longing to be somewhere else while in reality, she is stuck in her hometown – a struggle teenagers know all too well. With her song, “Whore,” Emilia uses the shock value of the song title to describe often-felt teenage angst, bringing her audience in to experience alongside her the often crushing name-calling and bullying experienced by teenagers. Here, Emilia laments about societal pressures and the hurt unkind words can cause. The EP concludes with “Sleep On It,” which brilliantly captures the feelings of a bad day and more importantly, encourages listeners to break through their bad mood, “sleep on it,” and start over again.

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