The Dead Daisies “Chosen And Justified” Blasts Off

Space: the Final Frontier. This is the story of the Starship – “Chosen and Justified”. Its mission: to explore strange new worlds seeking out new planets for mankind to inhabit. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

Don’t ya just love Star Trek …..

The Earth has become uninhabitable, due to man’s stupidity of course, the environment and everything on the planet is pretty much cactus so we must find a way to survive. Determined to save the human race from extinction, the band and its fans blast off from Earth to join a fleet of spacecraft, which is led by the flagship “Chosen and Justified”. Its mission, to search for a new place to hang out. After years of hibernation, the fleet’s computer awakens everyone when a new world that has an atmosphere fit for humans is discovered. They name the new planet “Holy Ground”; there is no looking back.

‘”Chosen and Justified” is a really catchy song. From the moment the chorus came into my head I knew it had huge potential. We were jamming on it and once Glenn came up with the verse and rhythm idea, it ended up with a cool vibe.’

Doug Aldrich

Since its release “Holy Ground” – the album, has been kicking butt from one side of this planet to the other. The album, has blasted onto music charts reaching Top 10 status around the globe, reviews that are out of this world and a response on music platforms and sales we’ve not seen before, have taken us to a new galaxy.

A push & pull song; a throwback to the late 70’s that has found its home.

‘Don’t let it slip away, “Chosen and Justified”‘

Glenn Hughes

The Dead Daisies are standing firmly on Holy Ground!

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