Kate Ozz releases anticipated Venus Rising EP

Soulfooled’s upcoming release ‘Venus Rising’ hails all the way from Miami. Russian producer Kate Ozz has submerged herself in the sunny club circuit of Florida’s most buzzing town, where her fine musical skillset did not go unnoticed by some established players like Solomun and Black Coffee. Kate produced a solid melodic house record with three originals and an Ivory remix.

Title track ‘Venus’ is a musing track, which heavily leans on rich bass synths. The tune surprises when an agitated, urgent female voice enters the stage. To add a different perspective to the record, Soulfooled invited Ivory to rework ‘Venus’. The Italian DJ has made a good name for himself, having his most recent releases played in almost every set of Dixon or Solomun lately. In Ivory’s remix of ‘Venus’ (90’s Revenge) we still hear the voice, but Kate’s bass soundscape is gone. Ivory did add a fresh, uplifting key part, which reminds you immediately of a distinctive 90’s sound. ‘Transformation’ builds on the Venuses’ energies, kicking off with a rich sound in the low regions. The track evolves towards a characteristic piece with intensive hovering synths that enter and leave the song at their own pace.

Kate’s EP ‘Venus Rising’ closes with ‘High Vibrations’, is a slow burner, keeping the soundscape fairly minimal. However, the track builds to be a sweet melodic classic to nicely wrap up the record.

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