Two Members of Electric Six Announce New Project

Palace Pier is a musical project that plays on the strengths of two songwriters. Keith Thompson and Christopher Tait have written together for years as members of one of Michigan’s most notorious alternative rock outfits, Electric Six, as well as for video games, commercial and other purposes.

This collection is a group of songs that were developed into full compositions, mixed in with nods to other artists that have influenced the project. The artwork and feel were put together as an homage to that perfect place in the back of the mind that is conceptualized while life punches its way through you.

The debut self-titled album started as a group of songs about inner demons but has grown to capture the bewilderment and perseverance of getting through these strange times. The material was written by Thompson and Tait, but the greater project was put together thanks to the contributions of many. Brian Pollock, Zach Shipps, Holly Speirs, Matt Van, Nick Bataran, Cassandra Feucht and Tom Deja have all helped to bring life and fruition to Palace Pier.

Track List:

1. Whispering Winds
2. Nobody’s Diary
3. Ms. Moonlight
4. Sleeping Through September
5. Dance Floor Days
6. Tick Tock
7. Icicles
8. Epitaph For My Heart

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