The new album of End of Mankind is called “Antérieur à la Lumière”

The French black metal band End of Mankind has revealed a teaser for their upcoming sencond full-length album expected to be released this November.

Entitled “Antérieur à la Lumière”, the studio album will be released in a digipack digipack version accompanied by an 8-page booklet on Mallevs Records – in K7 on the Indonesian label Delusive Production and in a Mexican crystal CD version on Vomit Records – and will include nine tracks recorded last June.

This album comes just a year after the release of “Faciem Diaboli”, the debut debut album.

Tinged by the duality of Pierre Soulages’ gigantic work, this new opus offers a journey beyond the dark, in the original darkness revealing in his path the darkness of man who never ceases to defile the web of the world. Having become a scourge for himself by devastating his microcosm and enslaving his fellow human beings, he is unable to prevent his world from unravelling. Its end becomes inevitable.

“Antérieur à la Lumière”, sets to music the hints of this dying humanity, through 9 tracks mixing the extreme brutality of compositions and themes addressed, with a contemplative sensitivity of the corners of human existence.


  1. 1957
  2. Temporary Flesh Suite
  3. La peste dansante
  4. Outrenoir
  5. Géhenne
  6. Golgotha
  7. Opponent Deity
  8. Step Towards Oblivion
  9. Le Boël
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