New Spotify Playlist of July 31

Like every Friday, the editors of Maxazine have renewed the Playlist for Spotify. The best list to follow. Not the hits, not even following the charts, but the best tracks we have heard in the past week. Some tracks will stay for weeks, some will leave the list after only one week, so be quick. Today we bring you the new list of July 31, with lots of great new tracks.

This can be new tracks, tracks by artists we have been interviewing, tracks by artists that will go on tour, artists for sadly died, or artists we just like to have in the list. Every week we have 25 tracks, of which some will be replaced.

This week we bring you new tracks from all over the world. For instance Billie Eilish and her hit single ‘My Future’, there is ‘Dance Love’ by the Swedish / Lebanese singer Therése Neaimé, we have Vonte 7 and his new track ‘Bestest’ in collaboration with Da Real Charles, the new track of Beyoncé feat Melo-X, ‘Find Your Way Back’, Frisky Bulldog, Sam Smith, A$AP Ferg and there is many, many more. Enjoy!

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