Third day of Provinssi Rock ends great festival

The third day of Provinssi Rock started a bit late for some. Three days of music is quite a lot, but nevertheless many thousands of visitors joined the festival spot in Seinäjoki for the last day of a great festival. The musical formula they have found in Seinäjoki can last some more years.

One of the great artists of the festival was Juha Tapio with her band. Complete with horns and trumpet she played for a full audience. The field was almost packed for this act. It was a big party at the beginning of the day. Everyone sang along and knew all the lyrics by hart. A great performance!

Hiphop collective Gaselit also had their group of followers, and at Provinssi everyone can go to its favorite kind of music. That’s the fun of this festival in the green.

At the Amphitheatre we found some lovely music again, this time with Ylva Haru. Ylva played for the people who wanted to hear somewhat more quiet music. With three guitars on stage, the sound was full tough not really overdone.

Kuumaa performed on the youngsters’ stage and had some poppy songs. They attracted some fans but alas didn’t have a big crowd. It’s not like they needed that though. Apparently, the bigger stages took away most of the crowd.

The songs from Vesta almost sounded like prayers, and the sun even came out when they played…. A clear high voice accompanied by a very good eclectic sound was played by the band.

Finnish rapper Elastinen was very popular and many wanted to see and hear the rapper. It was a very busy crowd he attracted so a great move by the organization to book him. During his performance, he made the crowd partisans of his show, and all clapped, sung and danced on his music.

The good looking Elias Gould had mainly young girls in front of the stage, who shouted loud at the moment he threw in one of his own records in the audience. He sang easy pop songs and believe it or not: For many young girls he was the main act of the festival.

Back to the main stage where Yelawolf was on stage. Rapstar Yelawolf, who brought his own DJ which made the live mix on which Yelawolf rapped. He wondered why there was a separation in the field. The rapper did not understand it was because it was the split of the area where people were old enough to drink. A lot of shouting and cursing and being angry was spread out over his audience, but they didn’t mind that.. It’s only Rock ‘n Roll baby!, or Hiphop. The only thing the people in the field minded was the fact Yelawolf stopped 15 minutes early!

Back on the wood stage was Chisu. A bit of a walk, more than 15 km each day, but not as much as the stagehands that have to change the stages and make everything work again. All bands have their own stage, lights, and sound. Chisu wore big and high shoes to make her look a bit taller. Her voice came most of the time out of an electronic box, it fitted to the music.

The level of energy got to highest grounds with Papa Roach! The audience did have trouble holding up with singer Jacoby Shaddix and his men, the power they had. He held it up till the end, made the crowd go down and after that they were jumping like hell.

Smoke on stage and out of the smoke was where the next band came from, Behemot. Lots of smoke, fire, howling guitars and dark voices, Behemoth was born. A very spectacular show they put together, many other bands who played before where on in the audience as well to enjoy. Papa made a great show.

It’s nice that you can pick what you want to hear, yesterday CMX was playing loud and today they played again. This time almost unplugged, it was nice to see that also many visitors would like to hear this way of music as well, so again a full audience for the band.

The band to end The festival was the Finnish band JVG. The field was again crowed, this time for the last time. As the festival came to an end, it was clear the Finns love to sing along with all the bands, almost as passionate as was done onstage. The prejudice that all Finns are drunk on a festival was proven wrong. A festival can be held at a natural surrounding without leaving a lot of rubbish, thanks to the deposit on cans. Even the kids from Seinäjoki did a good job by collecting them.

At the way out, Helsinki Radio stage called upon the visitors that were leaving, to just come and listen to the young Santa Cruz. She could have better put on a better short because the one she wore, she had to pull up many times during jumping around on stage.

A total of 73000 people visited the festival Provinssi Rock in Seinäjoki and they must have had some good day or days. The weather was almost perfect. Maybe a bit cold, even for the Finns, but there was no rain, and a very diverse program where everyone could listen to his or her favorites. Provinssi Rock is worth the visit!

Photo’s (c) Hans Kreutzer

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