Tungevaag & Raaban amazing at Jakobstad dager (Finland)

During the ‘Jakobstad dager’ the Finish coast city Jakobstad is having their annual party. Many bands and local artist get a stage on one of the available places. The best place in Jakobstad during the festivities is the stage in the city park, as well because it is free to visit. So many people gathered in and around the park. They placed some benches even behind the stage so people can have a relaxed way of listening to the DJ’s of tonight.

The organization of the ‘Jakobstad dager’ had some luck: They booked the duo DJ’s just before they got famous in the Nordic country’s. Sometimes you get lucky to support a not known at the moment artist and at the day of performing they might be big stars. That is what happened here in the beautifull Finish city of Jakobstad. On stage  the Norwegian dj Martin Tungevaag en de Swedish dj Robbin Söderlund (alias Raaban) performed.

The normal very calm Fins where not so calm anymore when the DJ duo came on stage. Many young kids, but also their parents and even some grandparents were dancing on the mix that Tungevaag and Raaban put on their tables. It was a mix of many other artists aswel. There was a honoring of one of the best DJ’s in the world, Avicci – who recently passed away – by playing his ‘ Waiting for love’.

The duo also brought some old ninety tunes like ‘Rhythm of the night’ by Corona and also ‘I like to move it’ by Reel 2 Reel got spread over the crowd, who loved it. Of course their own songs found its way to the playlist, ‘Parade’, which had a more eastern sound to it and their other hits like ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Samsara’, as well their remix of ‘All For Love’.  At the end of the setlist they mixed their last Nordic hit ‘ Beast’ , leaving the crowd in a good mood. By booking the duo the ‘Jakobstad dager’ organisation made a really great move!

Photo’s (c) Hans Kreutzer

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