Taco will release ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz 2017′

Photo (c) Regina Courtier
“Puttin’ On The Ritz” is the title of an American jazz standard released by Irving Berlin in 1929. Thanks to the eponymous 1930 film, it’s a song that everyone knows. Dance and film legend Fred Astaire first recorded it in 1930, securing the song’s status as an evergreen in the 1946 film “Blue Skies”. In 1982, Dutch singer Taco recorded an elaborate, synth pop version of “Puttin’ On The Ritz” that sold more than a million copies in the US alone, hitting number 4 in the Billboard charts. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of his global success, cult singer Taco is launching his comeback with an electro swing reboot called “Puttin’ On The Ritz 2017”.

“I had so much fun re-recording this classic tune, and the new electro swing sound is appealing to many generations. A few days ago there were a couple of kids at rehearsals. They were really enthusiastic and said the sound is totally cheedo (cool). I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks,” says Taco excitedly.

As well as being the 30th anniversary of the death of probably the world’s most eminent dancer, 2017 is also the 70th anniversary of Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Co-founded by this exceptional artist in 1947, the chain now boasts 170 franchised studios around the world.

Rainer C. Regatschnig, music producer and Director of Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Austria, came up with the idea to re-record the song with Taco. He specifically chose a release date of 4 February 2017 (World Cancer Day) for the EP, which also includes a special Pink Ribbon Remix (Puttin’ On The Pink). “We support breast cancer awareness and education and will be donating the equivalent of 1 euro from CD sales to participating Pink Ribbon organisations in the respective country of sale. Think pink and start dancing to the party of your life!”

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