Sting: The Studio Collection To Be Released on Vinyl

On September 30, A&M / Interscope Records are proud to release The Studio Collection, a career-spanning vinyl LP box set featuring all of Sting’s seminal solo studio albums brought together for the first time. The Studio Collection includes eight essential A&M Records albums across eleven LPs – The Dream Of The Blue Turtles (1985), …Nothing Like The Sun (1987) (double LP), The Soul Cages (1991), Ten Summoner’s Tales (1993), Mercury Falling (1996), Brand New Day (1999) (double LP), Sacred Love (2003) (double LP) andThe Last Ship (2013) – with both Brand New Day and Sacred Love available on vinyl for the first time ever.

All of the included LPs appear in exact replicas of the original artwork presented in an exceptional slipcase package, with brand new vinyl masters cut at the legendary Abbey Road studios to ensure exceptional audio quality.

Contained within The Studio Collection are some of the most iconic albums and songs of all time, including numerous GRAMMY® Award-winning tracks as well as a plethora of multi-platinum, platinum and gold worldwide awards. Beginning with Sting’s first solo album, the revelatory The Dream Of The Blue Turtles from 1985 – featuring the cream of America’s young jazz musicians in a politically-charged set – through 2013’s The Last Ship, exploring the central themes of homecoming and self-discovery in the North East of England, The Studio Collection showcases Sting’s meticulous song writing, evocative storytelling, and continual innovation in a ground breaking mix of musical genres and styles that have continually evolved throughout his remarkable career to date.

From perennial favourites ‘Englishman In New York’, ‘If I Ever Lose My Faith In You’, ‘Fields Of Gold’, ‘Seven Days’ and ‘Shape of My Heart’, to the political ‘We Work The Black Seam’ and ‘Russians’, the gospel-tinged ‘Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot’ and ‘Fill Her Up’, the bossa nova ‘La Belle Dame Sans Regrets’ and ‘Big Lie Small World’, through to the French hip hop of ‘Perfect Love…Gone Wrong’ and the arabesque ‘Desert Rose’, The Studio Collection combines the full breadth and power of Sting, the composer, singer, activist and timeless songwriter, on high-quality heavyweight vinyl.

The Studio Collection is out on September 30th. To complete The Studio Collection, Sting’s new album 57th & 9th will be released November 11th.

Sting The Studio Collection


(Original Release: 1985)
Side A:

1.     If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
2.     Love Is The Seventh Wave
3.     Russians
4.     Children’s Crusade
5.     Shadows In The Rain

Side B:

6.     We Work The Black Seam
7.     Consider Me Gone
8.     The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
9.     Moon Over Bourbon Street
10.  Fortress Around Your Heart


(Original Release: 1987)
Side A:

1.     The Lazarus Heart
2.     Be Still My Beating Heart
3.     Englishman In New York

Side B:

4.     History Will Teach Us Nothing
5.     They Dance Alone (Cueca Solo)
6.     Fragile

Side C:

7.     We’ll Be Together
8.     Straight To My Heart
9.     Rock Steady

Side D:

10.  Sister Moon
11.  Little Wing
12.  The Secret Marriage


(Original Release: 1991)
Side A:

1.     Island Of Souls
2.     All This Time
3.     Mad About You
4.     Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
5.     Why Should I Cry For You?

Side B:

6.     Saint Agnes And The Burning Train
7.     The Wild Wild Sea
8.     The Soul Cages
9.     When The Angels Fall


(Original Release: 1993)
Side A:

1.     If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
2.     Love Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven)
3.     Fields Of Gold
4.     Heavy Cloud No Rain
5.     She’s Too Good For Me
6.     Seven Days

Side B:

7.     Saint Augustine In Hell
8.     It’s Probably Me
9.     Shape Of My Heart
10.  Something The Boy Said
11.  Epilogue (Nothing ‘Bout Me)


(Original Release: 1996)
Side A:

1.     The Hounds Of Winter
2.     I Hung My Head
3.     Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot
4.     I Was Brought To My Senses
5.     You Still Touch Me

Side B:

6.     I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying
7.     All Four Seasons
8.     Twenty Five To Midnight
9.     La Belle Dame Sans Regrets
10.  Valparaiso
11.  Lithium Sunset


(Original Release: 1999) **available on vinyl for the first time
Side A:

1.     A Thousand Years
2.     Desert Rose (feat. Cheb Mami)
3.     Big Lie Small World

Side B:

4.     After The Rain Has Fallen
5.     Perfect Love…Gone Wrong

Side C:

6.     Tomorrow We’ll See
7.     Prelude To The End Of The Game
8.     Fill Her Up

Side D:

9.     Ghost Story
10.  Brand New Day


(Original Release: 2003) **available on vinyl for the first time
Side A:

1.     Inside
2.     Send Your Love (feat. Vicente Amigo)
3.     Whenever I Say Your Name (feat. Mary J. Blige)

Side B:

4.     Dead Man’s Rope
5.     Never Coming Home
6.     Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)

Side C:

7.     Forget About The Future
8.     This War
9.     The Book Of My Life (feat. Anoushka Shankar)

Side D:

10.  Sacred Love
11.  Send Your Love (Dave Audé Remix)


(Original Release: 2013)
Side A:

1.     The Last Ship
2.     Dead Man’s Boots
3.     And Yet
4.     August Winds
5.     Language Of Birds
6.     Practical Arrangement

Side B:

7.     The Night The Pugilist Learned How To Dance
8.     Ballad Of The Great Eastern
9.     What Have We Got? (feat. Jimmy Nail)
10.  I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else
11.  So To Speak (feat. Becky Unthank)
12.  The Last Ship (Reprise)

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