Specials and Selecter drummer John Bradbury dies aged 62

Photo (c) Wikipedia, Robman94
Photo (c) Wikipedia, Robman94

John Bradbury, former drummer with 2 Tone group the Specials (Also known as The Special A.K.A.) and drumer of The Specials, has died aged 62, last monday. A statement released by the Specials’s spokesperson praised the musician’s influence on the 2 Tone scene. “Brad’s drumming was the powerhouse behind the Specials, and it was seen as a key part to the 2 Tone sound. He was much respected in the world of drumming, and his style of reggae and ska was seen as genuinely ground-breaking when the Specials first hit the charts in 1979. He was an integral part of the Specials re-forming in 2008, and [he] toured with them extensively up to the present day. His contribution to the world of music can not be understated and he will much missed by family, friends and fans alike.”

Bradbury joined one hit wonder Special A.K.A., and had a top 10 hit with ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ in 1984, after the Specials’ original lineup disbanded in 1979. He also co-wrote ‘The Selecter’, a joint ‘A’-side with ‘Gangsters’, for The Specials.

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