Enrique Iglesias’ “Heart” To Help Kids In Crises

Enrique Iglesias has teamed up with Save the Children to launch a T-shirt promotion today to raise funds to help kids in crises.  A new “heart” T-shirt will be available for purchase online at www.enriqueiglesias.com and at select concert venues.  The design of the T-shirt is inspired by the heart that Enrique drew on his bloodstained T-shirt after injuring his hand on a drone during his concert in Tijuana, Mexico this past May.

Photo by Al Silfen
Photo by Al Silfen

“I’m extremely excited to partner with Save the Children to help kids who need it the most.  My heart goes out to the kids around the world who have lived through a humanitarian crisis and have to rebuild their lives from scratch,” said Enrique Iglesias. “As Save the Children knows from experience, recovering from the turmoil and loss caused by war or disaster can take years.”

All net proceeds from the purchase of the “heart” T-shirt, or $12, will go to support the non-profit’s Children’s Emergency Fund, which allows Save the Children to pre-position lifesaving supplies before an emergency hits, respond immediately to a crisis and do whatever it takes to protect the lives of children and create a sense of normalcy.

“Enrique chose to turn his recent hand injury into an opportunity to help children wounded physically and emotionally by humanitarian crises,” said Carlos Carrazana, COO for Save the Children. “These children’s lives are in turmoil. Many have lost loved ones, their homes and their schools.  Some have been separated from their parents and they don’t feel safe. These children are at risk of losing their childhood.”

“We are extremely grateful to have the support of such an influential and talented global artist like Enrique Iglesias,” added Carrazana. “The funds raised from the T-shirt sales will allow Save the Children to quickly respond when kids need us, ensure children’s unique needs are met and that they can go on being kids.”

Save the Children is providing lifesaving relief to children and families affected by 50 humanitarian emergencies worldwide, including the Nepal earthquake, the conflict in Syria and the migrant crisis in Europe. Last year, the agency responded to 103 humanitarian crises, including conflicts, disease outbreaks, floods and cyclones, directly reaching nearly 5 million children through its humanitarian response work.

“My fans are incredible and have big hearts filled with love. I know that together, Save the Children, my fans and I will do a great job of sharing these very special shirts with the world to help provide lifesaving emergency relief to kids. We have to take care of those who need us most—children, especially those facing crises around the world,” said Iglesias.

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