Great new Slovakian band Deal releases debut-single ‘November’

They have over ten years of experience of Slovak music scene, won many music awards and played on almost all Slovak stages. They have been devoted to music actively since 2004 when they won the first music competition, subsequently won several other awards also beyond the borders of Slovakia. They released their debut album and one song also penetrated into foreign radio stations. But for this decade they decided to put a full stop. We are talking about four musicians Laci Urban and Jakab’s brothers Pali, Peťo and Johnny. They are called Deal and are coming up with a ‘debut’ single ‘November’.

“We have learnt a lot of things, but we started as children and tried everything possible that the market was offering. We composed Slovak and English songs, tried several studios and producers, but our musical sensibilities are moved in another direction. So there is a new band called Deal,” says the singer Laci Urban to Bassist Pali Jakab came up with its name. “I was listening to U2 and I heard the words ‘We can deal with ordinary love’. Immediately, I visualized the word Deal and I really liked it. I didn’t even have to persuade the boys and we had a name.” says the bassist.

The band Deal was formed in November 2013 and exactly one year were the musicians working on new songs. Symbolically its first sample of the new formation is a single November composed by Pali Jakab with lyrics written by Laci Urban. “It’s about us, about our choices and decisions to create something new. Forming the band was a spontaneous decision to change something in our lives and give musicians a new direction,” reflects the singer. The aim of new song is to inspire and encourage people. “If they feel that they can change their lives for better, so just go ahead.” he adds.

According to their words, musicians are coming with something new, with something more expressive and unambiguous. They stand up for their music and now just want to spread it among new fans. “We stick to guitar music blended with synth sounds. We like the massive sound and distinctive arrangement of our music, also you can find elements of film music. We believe you will like our new music,” invites the band to listen to their first official song.
DEAL is formed by singer Laci Urban, bassist Pali Jakab, guitarist Peto Jakab and drummer Johnny Jakab.

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