Cavalera Conspiracy release official music video for ‘Babylonian Pandemonium’

Cavalera ConspiracyA timeless Thrash / Death Metal masterpiece awaits you from metal icons Max & Iggor Cavalera! The highly anticipated album Pandemonium (released November 3rd in the UK & November 4th US/CAN through Napalm Records) is already set to be a new milestone in the history of the Cavalera brothers! Brutal, merciless & unrelenting! This is how the Cavalera Conspiracy album has been described. The band has unveiled a brand new music video for the track “Babylonian Pandemonium”.

The idea was to make a video that could visually reflect the brutal, assaultive tone of their new album’s music. The video’s imagery conveys the raw emotions of Brazil’s impoverished people percolating just beneath the surface of the country’s natural beauty. DOOM Incorporated’s Director Thomas Mignone: “There’s a strong sense that chaotic pandemonium could break out at any moment. We tried to film imagery that depicts this powerful dichotomy!”

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