Armada Music and Ben Gold present the launch of #Goldrush Recordings​

GoldrushThe time has come for Ben Gold to form his own venture; #Goldrush Recordings. The label will celebrate the launch this week with the pre-order of Ben Gold’s double-disc DJ compilation ‘#Goldrush, Vol. 1’, on which Ben showcases what sounds we can expect from the label in the near future. The first official #Goldrush single will be from none other than label manager Ben himself. With captivating vocals by Christina Novelli, ‘All Or Nothing’ will be in stores the 15th of September. Ben Gold: “I’m extremely excited to launch #Goldrush Recordings together with Armada Music. It will be the new home for all Ben Gold productions, and music that rocks my sets.”

Sander Bouma (Armada): “We are really happy to finally take Ben on board of the Armada. For me he is one of the biggest talents out there right now and to work together on his music and his label feels like a privilege. I predict a bright future for Mr. Gold!”. ‘Ben Gold – #Goldrush Vol.1’ will be out on September 19


bengoldDisc 1:1.Artsever – Voices In My Head (Original Mix) (06:41)
2.LTN feat. Christina Novelli – Feeling Like Yeah (Alexander Popov Dub Mix) (05:33)
3.Anske – Vilnius (Original Mix) (06:18)
4.Willem De Roo – Rush (Original Mix) (06:20)
5.Solis & Sean Truby feat. Audrey Gallagher – Skin Deep (Original Mix) (06:05)
6.Ben Gold feat. Christina Novelli – All Or Nothing (Radio Edit) (02:58)
7.Matt Davey – Hadouken (Radio Edit) (03:24)
8.Alexander Popov – Siberia (Radio Edit) (03:13)
9.Orjan Nilsen – The Late Anthem (Way Too Late Radio Edit) (02:25)
10.Cosmic Gate & Orjan Nilsen – Fair Game (Radio Edit) (03:16)
11.Ben Gold – Escapade (Radio Edit) (03:13)
12.Ben Gold – Amplified (Solis & Sean Truby Radio Edit) (03:40)
13.W&W – Ghost Town (Radio Edit) (03:24)
14.Mark Sixma – Shadow (W&W Radio Edit) (03:22)
15.Jorn van Deynhoven – New Horizons (A State Of Trance 650 Anthem) (Mark Sixma Radio Edit) (02:54)
16.Armin van Buuren presents Gaia – Empire Of Hearts (Radio Edit) (03:16)
17.Faruk Sabanci & ReOrder – Just Livid (Original Mix) (06:12)
18.Eximinds – Stefanie (Radio Edit) (03:18)
19.Alexander Popov – Quantum (Radio Edit) (03:010)
20.Ben Gold – #Goldrush, Vol. 1 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 1) (72:52)

Disc 2:
1.Tempo Giusto – MOCKBA (Original Mix) (05:40)
2.Tempo Giusto – V12 (Instrumental Mix) (05:26)
3.Carlo Calabro – Loudest Silence (Original Mix) (07:00)
4.Klauss Goulart – Game On (Radio Edit) (03:04)
5.Markus Schulz – Remember This (Radio Edit) (03:32)
6.Ben Gold – Colossal (Harry Square Remix) (05:54)
7.Solis & Sean Truby – Scorch (Original Mix) (06:21)
8.Ben Gold – Waterloo (Radio Edit) (03:07)
9.Ben Gold – Departure (Radio Edit) (03:01)
10.Ben Gold – Thriller (Radio Edit) (04:00)
11.Armin van Buuren & Andrew Rayel – EIFORYA (Ben Gold Remix) (06:31)
12.Faruk Sabanci – Multitude (Radio Edit) (03:31)
13.Darren Porter & Ferry Tayle – Neptune’s Legacy (Original Mix) (07:23)
14.Andy Moor – Fade To Light (ReOrder Radio Edit) (03:55)
15.Ben Gold – Where Life Takes Us (Andres Sanchez Radio Edit) (03:48)
16.Mark Sherry presents Outburst – A Star Within A Star (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) (07:06)
17.Ben Gold feat. The Glass Child – Fall With Me (Sneijder Radio Edit) (03:30)
18.Ben Gold – #Goldrush, Vol. 1 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 2) (70:47)

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