Out now: A State of Trance 650 by world-champion DJ Armin vanBuuren

asot650Long a staple of world-champion DJ Armin van Buuren, these legendary warm-up sets are revered as a great opportunity to hear one of the world’s foremost dance tastemakers applying his skills to a completely different style of record. For most artists that reach the top level of the elite, the idea of playing a warm-up set is unthinkable. Peak-hour headliners avoid the early time slots like the plague, opting instead to only play for packed houses already in full swing.

Of course, Armin has never been an ordinary DJ. Where others go left, Armin goes right, and he relishes the opportunity to connect with his fans in a completely new way. Releasing these warm-up sets was essential to forever capture the vibe of the A State of Trance 650 ‘New Horizons’ World Tour. Recorded live from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Utrecht, Buenos Aires, and Jakarta, these mixes are the perfect chance to immerse yourself in the electric energy of a night just getting started, while tens of thousands of happy people start to fill the hall.

It’s impossible to not connect with the purity in these mixes, and from the crowd reaction, it’s easy to understand that music is truly one of the most uniting factors in the world. All around the globe, spanning vastly different cultures and geographical climates, one constant remains: the desire to celebrate life and to enjoy exceptional music with friends and complete strangers alike.

During these sets, you can expect to hear flourishes of the classic Armin sound peaking out from deeper, darker, and more spacey records. You can hear everything from progressive to house to trance, and above all, you can feel a completely different spirit to the sound. There’s a good reason why so many people have embraced Armin as a warm-up DJ, and you’re about to relive that feeling of upcoming excitement once more.

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