Mahala Announces Partnership With The Legendary Wu Tang Clan

wu-tang-clan-distressed-logoSkynet Technology Group, Inc. is proud to announce their entertainment focused digital commerce platform has been chosen by legendary hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan to power sales of their upcoming 20th Anniversary album. Wu Music Group chose Mahala due to their unique approach and easy to use commerce solution, which solves multiple security concerns for artists and banks, while bringing an unprecedented level of convenience and security to the fans experience. With Mahala, Wu Tang Clan and their fan’s can literally purchase or sell anything, anywhere; via social sites, videos, print ads, at brick and mortar locations, etc. This allows content creators an easy and low cost solution for creating new revenue streams that were never before possible.

As part of the Mahala launch over the past several months, many legendary artists in the entertainment industry have already signed on, including the multi-platinum group ‘Wu-Tang Clan’, music management & multimedia company ‘The Initiative Group’ (which represents artist such as Slaughterhouse, Brandy, Royce Da 5’9″ and Polly A) and multiple Grammy Award winning producers Justice League just to name a few.

“When RZA and I formed Wu Tang 20 years ago, we knew we needed to be fully involved in all aspects of our business ecosystem if we truly wanted to realize our ambition…The whole album experience behind ‘A Better Tomorrow’ isn’t about going back to the ’90s but more about showing how the ’90s got us to where we are today,” said COO of Wu Music Group, Mitchell “Divine” Diggs. “Partnering with Mahala allows us to check the last box in this process, we already control the content creation and marketing and now we can more fully control the payment and fulfillment… this lets us achieve our 20 year goal, just in time for the release of our 20th Anniversary Album. This is a real revolution in the way we do business… Mahala is going to shake things up in the music industry once the word gets out on what they have for the real artist and entrepreneurs out there. This was the perfect platform for the launch of our 20 year anniversary album.”

When asked about their thoughts on the partnership with Wu Music Group, Mahala Co-Founder Robert Shoe stated: “For us it was a clear choice… if you want to revolutionize something, you need revolutionaries on your side. Aside from our team being huge fans, the Wu Tang Clan has been on the forefront of advancing the cause of content creators and artist rights since their inception in the ’90s… from their artist contracts to their merchandising agreements… so it made sense that they would see the value in the Mahala Platform… we’ve been built in that image.” Robert continued, “When legends like the Wu are supporting your efforts, and you have the chance to be involved with a truly established and respected brand, on what is sure to be a groundbreaking album and live event series… it’s a big deal around here. The Wu Music Group team has been making amazing things happen for 20 years, we are honored to be part of the Wu Family.”

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