Jack Starr re-releases Out Of The Darkness

“Out Of The Darkness”, the awesome album of Jack Starr featuring Rhett Forrester from 1984, will be re-released via Limb Music on November 8th, 2013. For more than three decades now, the New York based musician JACK STARR is a highly acclaimed guitarist within the Metal scene. His brand marks are thumping great guitar riffs and high class Power Metal hymns, as they can be heard also on his latest Burning Starr output in 2011, “Land Of The Dead”.

“Out Of The Darkness” was the first solo album of Jack Starr after leaving Virgin Steele and was originally released in 1984. Ex-Riot frontman Rhett Forrester was hired as the singer for this album, because his bluesy voice was a perfect match for Jack Starr’s musical concept. The songs on “Out Of The Darkness” are stamped by power riffs, thundering drums and a superb mixture of melody and power. Today, almost 30 years after the first release, the album is still capable of making its mark. Therefore, Limb Music has taken it upon itself to re-release this valuable part of Heavy Metal history and to enhance it with bonus material.

Besides the regular songs, “Out Of The Darkness”, newly mastered by R.D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy, Devil’s Train) contains additional material from different creative periods of Jack Starr, the previously unreleased track
“Blue Tears Falling” and five instrumental songs from STARR’s 1990 album release “A Minor Disturbance”.

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