On Dec 4th, DJ Licious and Sakso – together with Radio FG and a bunch of DJs – will take a shot at breaking the world record for ‘longest club DJ session relay’. The goal is to have as many DJs as possible mixing one track after the other; each DJ playing one track only. And that’s why they need yout help! Roughly 250 deejays have to join them on December 4th at Central Studio Antwerp (Belgium) in order to grab that world record title. Only 3 minutes of your time required… At the moment thereare allready over 100 confirmed DJs, so there’s room for more. The world record ‘Longest club dj session relay’ was recently broken by 123 deejays in The Netherlands. It’s a world record by which the first DJ starts a track, the second DJ mixes in a new track, the third DJ mixes in a new track and so on and so forth.

Are you a DJ and do you want to be part of this real Guinness World Record? Then register asap!

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