TOTO Lights Up Aarhus on a Magical Saturday Night

On a balmy Saturday evening, Aarhus transformed into a city of musical enchantment as TOTO took the stage. The open-air venue buzzed with excitement as fans of all ages gathered to witness an unforgettable concert. Celebrating their 50th anniversary with the legendary “Dogz of Oz” tour, the band made a spectacular stop in Denmark’s second-largest city. The atmosphere was electric, the anticipation palpable, and the fans’ high expectations were exceeded in every way. TOTO once again demonstrated why they have been rock legends for decades, captivating the hearts of their fans around the globe.

Nostalgia with a hint of summertime ‘hygge’ Sko/Torp

We got off to a good start with Sko/Torp. The rain was a little gloomy, but overall there was a great summer vibe. The band, as we know them, can convey charisma and presence on stage. Sko/Torp was a great pick to open the show. With classic Danish ‘hygge’, they created the ideal atmosphere for a fantastic evening. Like many classics from one’s youth, their performance invoked nostalgia and brought back memories. Similar to Toto, Sko/Torp are always featured on the teenage soundtrack. And they continue to provide the audience with an amazing experience even now. Hearing the beloved tunes again was enjoyable, and it was clear that the crowd felt the same way. Both young and ‘old’.

If I have to be critical, which I do, then their performance lacked just a tiny bit of power and energy. Everything was very Sko/Torp, but it was a little too subdued. A bit more life and drive could have made the experience even better. Overall, Sko/Torp was a fun way to kick off the evening, bringing warm and nostalgic vibes. They nevertheless provided a wonderful and unforgettable experience, even though there was potential for a little more zest.

Toto Created Magic at Tivoli Friheden

It seemed nearly surreal to be at a Toto concert at Tivoli Friheden. The band had played such a big part in my early years, that going to their live show seemed like entering a dream. The old boys did live up to the hype. Their performance was flawless and exuded a great deal of life and excitement on stage. Toto was able to provide a live performance that lived up to their legendary reputation.

Old favourites got the show going strong, and “Hold the Line” was performed as the second song. It sounded just like the record you were listening to—clear and packed with all the punch you knew from the recording. The mood was formed and the audience’s attention was immediately drawn in. When they performed a cover of “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix, it was one of the most unexpected and amazing parts of the evening. This performance demonstrated the band’s adaptability and their capacity to both pay tribute to a legendary singer and personalize the song.

We were treated to more classics as the evening went on. Naturally, “Africa” and “Rosanna” were the final songs they performed. The audience had been waiting in a state of excitement. With the glow-up both these songs have had over the last year, it was the ideal way to cap off a beautiful musical evening. Toto’s ability to improvise and feature a lot of solos was what really made the event an experience. This enhanced the musical quality and creativity of each song and brought the band’s talent to the forefront.

Overall, the evening spent with Toto at Tivoli Friheden was very unforgettable. They performed a fantastic concert that paid tribute to their heritage and demonstrated their continued ability to rock like never before. Something that people will remember for a very long time. Okay, I might have been star-struck, but really… They never lost IT.

Photo’s (c) Morten Holmsgaard Kristensen

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