Charlotte Cardin Enchants the OM in Liège

Photo’s (c) Christophe Dehousse

The Canadian singer and songwriter Charlotte Cardin brought the OM in Liège to life on Monday night with a captivating and unforgettable performance. The venue was packed to the brim with enthusiastic fans, ready to immerse themselves in the enchanting music of this rising star. From the moment she took the stage with the powerful cover of Shania Twain’s ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman!’, it was clear that the audience was in for a special evening.

Charlotte’s voice, characterized by its unique combination of raw emotion and refined technique, immediately captivated the crowd. The concert was a perfect balance between old favourites and new hits from her latest album, ’99 Nights’. Highlights of the evening included ‘Meaningless’, where the melancholic tone of the song rendered the audience silent, and ‘Jim Carrey’, a playful and introspective track that got the crowd dancing.

Cardin’s performance of ‘Phoenix’ was an emotional highlight, where the power and vulnerability of her voice were perfectly showcased. It was evident that this song held special significance for both Charlotte and her fans, and the connection between the artist and the audience was almost tangible.

With songs like ‘Daddy’s a Psycho’ and ‘Anyone Who Loves Me’, she kept the energy in the room consistently high. The setlist was carefully curated to offer a journey through her musical evolution, and each song was met with loud applause and cheers.

The pinnacle of the evening was undoubtedly the closer ‘Main Girl’, a track that marked her international breakthrough. The audience sang along at the top of their lungs, and the energy was electric. For the encore, she performed ‘Daddy’ and ‘Confetti’, ending the night on a high note.

Charlotte Cardin once again proved why she is one of the most promising artists of her generation. Her ability to translate her personal experiences and emotions into music that resonates with her audience makes her performances unforgettable. Her rendition of ‘Phoenix’ was particularly memorable. This song, which carries so much meaning in her career, was delivered with such emotion and passion that the audience listened in breathless silence. It was a moment of pure magic, where the connection between the artist and her audience was almost palpable.

Charlotte Cardin’s charismatic stage presence and her ability to take her audience into her world made this concert one of the highlights of the year. Her music, which strikes a perfect balance between introspective lyrics and catchy melodies, left an indelible impression on everyone who was there.

For one evening, the OM in Liège was the epicentre of musical magic, and everyone who was there will cherish this experience for a long time. Charlotte Cardin once again demonstrated why she is one of the most promising artists of her generation, and her performance in Liège was the perfect testament to that.

Photo’s (c) Christophe Dehousse

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