Lefto Presents Jazz Cats Volume 3: Exploring Belgium’s Jazz Evolution

Lefto presents Jazz Cats is back with volume 3 and still doing what it does best: putting you in the front row of what the thriving Belgian jazz scene currently has to offer and revealing a melting pot of the musical talent coming out one of the smallest countries in Europe. Never change a winning team they say, so we’re happy to have Belgian DJ and eclectic connoisseur Lefto on board again.

Although you expect the compilation to be talking jazz, volume 3 explores a broader array of styles, genres, and sounds than ever before, arriving at a point where the ‘young cats’ of today don’t bother no more. It may focus on the Belgian scene, but let’s face it, seeing the influences, this one could be compiled from all over the world. From the empowering and bittersweet voices of Oriana Ikomo and Adja, over the more acoustic-electronic productions of Moodprint, Ciao Kennedy, Kassius and echofarmer. It’s even expanding the Jazz Cats universe to dub and bass-heavy tracks with Kin Gajo and Le Ministère, Ethio-jazz from Azmari, while sending you back to earth with bodies’ swirling sax and drums. That saxophone still rings in your ears when you end up in the orbit of the march-like drums of Bodem, Orson Claeys’ piano testing your ability to follow him, slamming the breaks to go smooth cruisin’ with HONEY (Morricone meets Khruangbin, anyone?), to crashing in a raging tempo on that last track of Bruno x Soet x Moene. And there you are, back with us.

Lefto presents Jazz Cats Volume 3 is out now via Sdban Ultra an available on limited violet transparent or black double gatefold vinyl & CD.


1. Oriana Ikomo – NEVER FORGET
2. Moodprint – Eartha
3. Kin Gajo – Exit, Gajo!
4. Adja – Told you so
5. bodies – brioche
6. Orson Claeys – Conversations
7. Bodem – Kleine Mars
8. HONEY – Bossa dolce
9. Azmari – Sheep Party
10. Le Ministère – De l’Amour
11. Ciao Kennedy – Parcifal Pt. I
12. echofarmer – beginning would have been outside
13. Kassius – Escapism
14. Bruno x Soet x Moene – OTT

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