UK Rock Legends UFO Reissue Rare 1988 EP With Bonus Tracks

UFO fans, rejoice! The legendary British rock band’s rare 1988 EP, “Ain’t Misbehavin'”, is making a triumphant return in a Deluxe Bonus Track Edition reissue, promising a treasure trove of sonic delights for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Recorded in the wake of the band’s electrifying 1987 tour in support of their ’85 album “Misdemeanor”, this EP marked the final collaboration between UFO frontman Phil Mogg and the virtuosic Japanese-born guitarist Atomik Tommy M.

Much like its predecessor, “Ain’t Misbehavin'” goes full throttle from beginning to end with Mogg matching his vocal prowess to the pyrotechnic playing of guitarist Tommy alongside superstar bassist Paul Gray (The Damned) and former Magnum drummer Jim Simpson. The brilliant lead off track, “Between A Rock And A Hard Place,” ranks up there with some of the band’s best rockers.

This deluxe reissue not only reintroduces the original EP in all its glory but also treats fans to a selection of bonus tracks, including vintage live performances and other rarities that showcase UFO’s dynamic live energy and musical evolution. The artwork has been revamped with an even sexier front cover image, and the whole thing is being released on all formats this June 14.


  1. Between A Rock & A Hard Place
  2. Another Saturday Night
  3. At War With The World
  4. Hunger In The Night
  5. Easy Money
  6. Rock Boyz, Rock
  7. Lonely Cities (Of The Heart) BONUS TRACKS
  8. Only You Can Rock Me (Live In Milwaukee 1986)
  9. The Chase (Live In Milwaukee 1986)
  10. Night Run (Live In Milwaukee 1986)
  11. Doctor Doctor (Live In Milwaukee 1986)
  12. Between A Rock & A Hard Place (Instrumental Version)
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