The Jesus and Mary Chain – Glasgow Eyes

The Reid brothers are back with a new album full of fuzz, feedback, and melancholy. After a six-year hiatus, The Jesus and Mary Chain have returned with their latest album, “Glasgow Eyes”. The album is a raw and emotional journey through the streets of Glasgow, the band’s hometown. This comeback is especially special, as the band has faced various setbacks in the meantime, including health problems for Jim Reid. Nevertheless, The Jesus and Mary Chain sounds fresher and more energetic than ever on “Glasgow Eyes”.

The opening track, “Venal Joy”, sets the tone immediately with its searing guitars and Jim Reid’s signature vocals. The songs that follow are a mix of uptempo rockers (“All Things Must Pass”) and dreamy ballads (“The True Nature of Love”). One of the highlights of the album is “American Born”, a scathing indictment of American politics. The song is catchy and melodious, but the lyrics are sharp and critical.

“Glasgow Eyes” is an album that is full of nostalgia. The band draws inspiration from their youth in Glasgow and the music they listened to then. This results in an album that feels both familiar and fresh. The production of the album is clear and powerful. The guitars sound fuller than ever and the drums bang out of the speakers. Jim Reid’s vocals are sometimes vulnerable, sometimes angry, but always expressive. The band enjoys making music, which can be heard on the album.

Recorded at Mogwai Castle of Doom studio in Glasgow, where Jim and William Reid continued their creative process after their previous album “Damage and Joy” (2017). That was already a success and the British band continues on that path with “Glasgow Eyes”.

“Glasgow Eyes” is therefore a worthy new album from The Jesus and Mary Chain, full of raw and emotional music, and strong lyrics, wrapped in a powerful production. Fair enough, you have to like it, but for those who do, it is a delightful album. “Glasgow Eyes” is a strong comeback from The Jesus and Mary Chain. (8/10) (Cooking Vinyl)

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