Seasick Steve is back for a new album

New Year’s Eve 2006. We are in the cult show of legendary Jools Holland. An American artist who is still unknown to the general public, but who seems to have already made a name for himself, shows up alone on the set. The musician strums on the three strings of a Japanese guitar that has seen better days and taps his foot on an old wooden box. It was with this anthological performance of Dog House Boogie that Seasick Steve captured the hearts of the European public. No one was more surprised than Steve at the outpouring of enthusiasm that followed that famous evening in 2006. He, who hoped to take advantage of this springboard to continue playing a few concerts in 2007, was far from imagining that he would continue 17 years later to travel the world regularly releasing new albums.

Seasick Steve has graced the stage of almost all the major festivals in the world, selling out numerous tours and performing in emblematic venues such as the Bataclan, the Trianon or even the Wembley Arena and the Royal Albert Hall, always accompanied by his collection of homemade guitars and his crazy drummer, Dan Magnusson. Seasick Steve has sold nearly 2 million records worldwide, with three albums reaching the top 10 in the UK.

More motivated than ever, Steve is eager to get back on the road to present the album, “A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down on Your Knees”, which he considers his favourite album to date. This new project, which will be released on June 7, 2024, by SO Recordings, is already available for pre-order. Or from Steve: “This album came about by accident, as the title suggests, we just tripped and landed in it. It has become my favourite album and my proudest work to date. Not a week goes by without me thanking my lucky stars for this evening on the Annual Hootenanny show that brought us here and to this record today. » “Backbone Slip”, the first single from the album, is available today, along with its music video.

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