Album review overview: Static X, Mary McGuiness and more

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Dozens of new albums arrive at Maxazine’s editorial staff every week. Way too many to listen to them all, let alone review them. It ensures that too many albums are left behind. And that’s a shame. That is why today we post an overview of albums that arrive at the editors in short reviews.

Static X – Project Generation, Vol 2

Static X is a metal band that originated in the late 1990s in Michigan. They have one of those singers with a mask, which is what he is these days, I think. The new album “Project Regeneration, Vol 2” contains 14 tracks that do not rise above a low average. The only nice and interesting thing about it is perhaps the fact that, in addition to the expected guitar violence, the band makes fairly original use of samples and keys. It will be quite fun live. “Kamikaze” has a nice riff. Simple enough to fit into the genre and annoying enough to stick in your head. An average album this is. (Anton Dupont) (6/10)(Otsego Entertainment Group)

Chase McDaniel – Blame it all on Country Music

A real Country boy, that Chase. Raised by his grandparents in Kentucky, he has now become one of the many country singer-songwriters who have tried their luck in Nashville. Chase now has several albums to his name and has risen considerably in the fame tree. On this new, short album with only six tracks, we again hear the characteristic sympathetic sound that is composed of middle-of-the-road rock with a heavy sauce of country with a lot of banjo and fiddles to spice it all up. Music that is immensely popular in the United States. Nice for on the road in the car. Will one day break through in the Netherlands, but that will not be a problem for enthusiasts. Just listen once. Nice (Jan Vranken) (6/10) (Big Machine Label Group)

Hearts & Hand Grenades -Where I Begin

Hearts & Hand Grenades started in 2012 as a cover band in the heavier genre. That all went satisfactorily, but the creative blood ran where it couldn’t go, and from 2019 this band with bassist and frontwoman Stephanie Wiosinski also makes its work. The American band is one of the genres of ‘go with the flow’: don’t think so much but play on! Also on this album. Stephanie’s deliberately dirty vocals get boring quickly, also because they are not very good. The keys sound dated and are a bit annoying in the mix, the guitar work is substandard if you want to play in the premier league of heavy rock. That needs to be improved. “I just want My Rock”  is just laughably bad. Circus. Well. Worth a listen if you want something different. Laugh. (Jan Vranken) (4/10) (Eclipse Records)

Mary McGuiness – Shadow catcher

Mary McGuiness was born in Texas to an Irish father and a Korean mother. She previously recorded an album and with “Shadowcatcher” we are now introduced to the sophomore album. Always difficult to follow up on a first album. “Shadowcatcher” has become a beautiful album in the classic singer-songwriter style. What a beautiful voice Mary has. You can hear the rich history of the seventies in her music. A hint of Eagles, Bread, Linda Rondstadt, it’s all there. Music that brings nothing new, but is presented exceptionally well on this album. Just listen to a song like “Double Vision”. That’s one of those songs that you can just enjoy with your eyes closed. There isn’t a bad song on this album. (Jan Vranken) (8/10) (DesertStrandMusic)

Kill the Thrill – Autophagy

“Kill the Thrill” has been around since 1989, and this French band makes no bones about it, even though they are usually classified under ‘Industrial’. Their umpteenth album “Autophagie” has an intensity that we have rarely heard from them before. “Tou va bien se termine” is the perfect opening song for an album. You are immediately pulled down by your throat and never let go. Noise, noise, wind, a grittier voice that forces you to listen. Wow. This is not your average album. This is an adventure. ‘À la derive’ rocks like crazy, then the band lets you go for a moment. But that’s only for a moment. Because this album is a rollercoaster. No cheap commercial effect here, but for this album, it cannot be ruled out that a lot of people suffered pain, either physically or mentally. He’ll come in shortly. We at Maxazine are convinced. This is a great album. (Elodie Renard) (9/10) (Season of Mist)

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