New album for Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is back! With the release of ‘This Is Me…Now’, Lopez’s first studio album in almost a decade, the singer celebrates the anniversary of sister album ‘This is Me…Then’, completing a 20-year journey. The album, written and produced by Lopez and Rogét Chayed, along with Angel Lopez, Jeff ‘Gitty’ Gitelman, HitBoy, Tay Keith and INK, among others, blends R&B and contemporary pop with hip-hop beats and is Lopez’s most honest and personal project to date to.

Together with the album, there will also be the documentary film ‘This is Me…Now: The Film’, the likes of which JLo has never seen or heard before. She tells her story through an intimate, reflective, sexy, funny, musical and visual reimagining of her publicly scrutinized love life. Together with director Dave Meyers, Lopez creates a cinematic experience that redefines the genre: an extravagant visual and musical feast with impressive choreography, star cameos, costumes, sets and blockbuster-worthy visuals. While an astonishingly vibrant spectacle, the film is ultimately a heartwarming ode to JLo’s journey of self-healing and eternal belief in fairytale endings.

Jennifer Lopez’s highly anticipated new music project ‘This is me…Now’ kicks off with the February 16, 2024 release of an all-new album and film inspired by her music. ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is the first single from ‘This Is Me…Now: The Album’ and will be released on Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

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