Album review overview 2023 week 34

Every week dozens of new albums arrive at the editors of Maxazine. Far too many to listen to them all, let alone review them. One review every day ensures that too many albums are left behind. And that’s a shame. That’s why every Sunday we publish an overview of albums that arrive at the editors in short reviews.

Gregory Alan Isakov – Appaloosa Bones

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in Philadelphia, Gregory Alan Isakov now calls Colorado home. He has proven to be a master in creating atmospheric soundscapes, as now on “Appaloosa Bones”. In the opener “The Fall”, Isakov is somewhat reminiscent of Johnny Cash in terms of voice and style, but the South African American does not take that further. The singer draws melancholy about the album and holds the attention quite nicely. No outliers, but also no deep valleys on “Appaloosa Bones”. “Miles to Go” has been recorded bare and stands out for its simplicity. A beautiful song that will certainly do well at concerts, just like the beautifully constructed “Terlingua”. Other than that just stable numbers that can’t be argued with. (Norman van den Wildenberg) (7/10) (Dualtone)

Spyder Byte – The Taste Of Filth

From the South of England comes the eight-legged sleaze machine Spyder Byte. After their second album, 2019’s “When The Lights Go Out”, the band returns with their EP “The Taste Of Filth”, consisting of four songs. Nice for fans of Steel Panther, Motley Crue or an old version of Guns n Roses, although these bands were qualitatively further after 11 years, the time that Spyder Byte exists now. Four musicians who absolutely know what to do, and will certainly not make a mud figure at any rock festival, but to become a headliner there will really have to be a (cult) hit and unfortunately, that is (also) not on “The Taste of Filth”. “Home is where the Heart don’t hurt” opens very similar to Metallica, but otherwise the song is a filler, while “Crash 22” or “Hooked” are songs that linger. Not a bad try, but unfortunately not enough. (Norman van den Wildenberg) (5/10) (Own production)

Pyrogaric – Home

Pyrogaric is a new band from Wales that brings psych rock with blues and stoner influences. When I read that and saw the cover, my interest was piqued. Proto doom also comes up while listening. “Home” lasts just over half an hour and is therefore on the short side. In that half hour, the band shows different sides of themselves. Both the blues side in songs like ‘Persephone’ and the stoner side in tracks like “Bury My Soul”. Slow, dark and doomy. Vocally it takes some getting used to, but her voice fits the style of music perfectly. It is a picture for enthusiasts, this is not a simple sandwich that everyone will like. (Rik Moors) (7/10) (Own production)

Burna Boy – I told them…

You don’t expect it, but Burna Boy is on time! A shooting incident at a concert, bribery, concert after the concert was cancelled or the Nigerian singer-songwriter appeared on stage a few hours late, now “I told them…” has been released.; on time! He typically opens with the title track, getting help from Wu Tang Clan’s GZA. Surprising, because after all the negative noises lately we had little faith in Burna Boy. But that turns out to be wrong. A nice mix of contemporary reggae, dancehall and Afrobeat, and the singer does that in English and Nigerian dialects. It’s nice how he doesn’t deny his origins. Collaborations with 21 Savage, RZA, Seyi Vibez, J Cole and Dave on the album weren’t even necessary. Burna Boy has thrown off the troubles of recent times and has put down a strong album with “I told them…”. Yes, he told us. (Norman van den Wildenberg) (8/10) (Warner Music)

My Ugly Clementine – The Good Life

Austria’s My Ugly Clementine make rock anthems from the ’90s and ’00s, as they say, by combining their unique combination of grunge-heavy guitars, compelling hooks and timeless casual atmosphere with elements of pop-punk and beautiful Britpop harmonies. The trio released their debut album “Vitamin C” in 2020 and are now back with “The Good Life”. Fairly bare-bones production and a thin head voice of singer Mira Lu Kovacs make My Ugly Clementine something art rock-like. Concerts at Primavera, Reeperbahn and several times at Eurosonic have ensured a stable club of fans, which you immediately have dancing in your mind with tracks like “Let me go” and the floaty “WWW”, but also the group that is uninterested in the background. is listening because boyfriend or girlfriend thinks the band is great, come forward strongly. Either you like it or you don’t like it at all. There won’t be anything in between. (6/10) (Mattan Records)

Pale Blue Eyes – This House

“This House” is the new album by British trio Pale Blue Eyes. Cheerful poppy music with smoothly running repetitive lyrics and dark feelings that here and there think back to the 80’s new wave era. The uptempo “Simmering” could have come straight from the early ’80s, with its Synths and tight drums. A daring style in 2023, but Pale Blue Eyes gets away with it, at least on “This House”. You could also call it Looney Larry music but in a positive way of the wording. On “Our History” the band goes a bit heavier and that is certainly a nice change after a few songs. Other than that just nice songs on which you will automatically join in. No hit parade work, but definitely worth it. (Norman van den Wildenberg) (6/10) (Full Time Hobby Records)

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