Iron Maiden conquers the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome during a legendary concert

Iron Maiden
Photo (c) John McMurtree

Tuesday night was the day: the legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden gave a smashing performance in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. The concert was part of their “Future To Past” tour, celebrating both their iconic 1986 album “Somewhere In Time” and their most recent work ” Senjutsu” from 2021.

From the moment the hall lights went out and the intro of the movie “

‘Blade Runner’ blared through the speakers, the atmosphere in the hall was electrically charged. The crowd was frantic before the band played a single note. Iron Maiden knows better than anyone how to open a show and immediately grab the audience.

The concert started with the compelling “Caught Somewhere in Time”, which immediately set the tone for the evening. The audience was thrown back to the band’s heyday and the energy in the venue was palpable. It was as if time stood still for a moment and the fans felt 18 years old again.A striking moment during the song “The Time Machine” was the backdrop that showed three dates: ’25-12-1975′, ’03-09-2021′ and ’29-09-1986′. These dates symbolized the formation of the band, the release of their recent album “Senjutsu” and the release of the legendary “Somewhere In Time”. A subtle nod to the band’s history that was certainly appreciated by the fans.

Iron Maiden managed to keep the setlist perfectly balanced, with a mix of new and old songs. While the band doesn’t need new releases to please their fans, the highlights of the evening were undoubtedly classics such as “Stranger in a Strange Land”, “Heaven Can Wait” and “Alexander the Great”. These songs were sung by the enthusiastic crowd, which continues to be one of the most dedicated and passionate fan bases in the world.

The Iron Maiden show was a perfect combination of old school and new school. The stage was equipped with modern LED screens and lighting, but also retained the characteristic large backdrops and the imposing monitors on the floor. Iron Maiden stay true to their roots and know exactly how to give their fans what they crave.

Frontman Bruce Dickinson, still blessed with a phenomenal voice, gave a powerful and compelling performance. The backing vocals of Steve Harris, the band’s founder, were perhaps a bit too prominent, but that didn’t spoil the fun. And Janick Gers, the guitarist, was still a combination of Angus Young and a folk dancer, which the audience could only appreciate more.After an evening full of nostalgia and 120% commitment from the band, the fans left the room with a satisfied feeling. Iron Maiden once again proved why they are still the biggest hard rock band in the world and why their fans continue to support them. It was an evening full of goosebumps moments and the audience felt 18 years old again. ‘Up The Irons!’

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