The Dio Album by Paul Gilbert is out now

It was pure chance that led Paul Gilbert to recording the music heard on latest release The Dio Album. The American guitar virtuoso was in his car when he saw something that made his heart start beating faster in a moment of unexpected, unadulterated joy. This was not a high value item of interest or even particularly rare, simply a baseball cap with the word ‘Dio’ emblazoned across the front. Sometimes, even for the biggest of guitar legends, it’s the little things that hit us in the most profound ways.

On his drive home, a plan was being formulated. Why not capture all of that raw energy and excitement on an album devoted to Ronnie James Dio’s most celebrated tracks – spanning across his career from Rainbow to Black Sabbath and the singer’s own solo endeavours? Gilbert is no stranger to instrumental music, but an entire album dedicated to replicating well established and world-famous vocal melodies on his trusty six-string genuinely felt like new territory. And the results are now available for everyone to enjoy and relish.

“What a wonderful world, to have larger-than-life heroes like Ronnie James Dio! Following Ronnie’s musical footsteps to make ‘The Dio Album’ brought me constant goosebumps, and reminded how I love heavy metal. Thank you, Ronnie, for the inspiration!”

 Paul Gilbert
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