Maxazine Presents: Young Gun Silver Fox Essentials (Curated by Andy Platts and Shawn Lee)

Andy Platts and Shawn Lee need no introduction, as they have each achieved a lifetime of musical highs. Whether through Andy’s career as a world-renowned composer and singer/songwriter/guitarist with British soul sensation Mamas Gun or through Shawn’s esteemed work as a producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer that has placed him at the forefront of the worldwide soul and funk community.

Young Gun Silver Fox has been working hard to create a new musical paradise where melodies soak the shoreline and grooves sway like palm trees again. The growing success of the musical virtuosos of SoCal-infused pop has already shone through on the deep, funky pop of “Caroline,” the groovy ballad “Lenny,” and the beachside disco of “Kingston Boogie.” With perfectly curated new material, encompassing all the best components from mid 70’s to early 80’s pop and soul, we can’t wait for this groovy show from Young Gun Silver Fox!

In the ten years of their existence, the two released four albums. No big hits, but absolutely great music. So it was time to capture the musical footprint of Young Gun Silver Fox and that’s why we asked the duo about the songs that best characterized the band. Andy and Shawn compiled the musical footprint of Young Gun Silver Fox exclusively for Maxazine: The best collection of Young Gun Silver Fox tracks to get to know the band best in a short amount of time. Not without pride Maxazine presents Young Gun Silver Fox Essentials, curated by Andy Platts and Shawn Lee themselves.

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