Laurence Jones Announces New Album “Destination Unknown” 

Laurence Jones announce that his brand new album “Destination Unknown” will be released on September 9th via Marshall Records. Taken from the upcoming album the first track “Anywhere With Me” is the perfect morsel to whet Rock fans’ appetites simultaneously giving long-time fans what they want as well as introducing the new direction that Laurence Jones is taking on this, more Rock oriented record.

At the young age of 17, Laurence Jones signed to Proper Records where he produced his first album and headed out on tour with Johnny Winter and Walter Trout. Recording and producing multiple albums throughout the years including 2016’s ‘Take Me High’ a record which even coaxed producer Mike Vernon (The Beano Album) out of retirement to join the journey.

Regarding the single, Laurence states: “When it came to choosing to the first single to take from ‘Destination Unknown’ I knew that it had to be ‘Anywhere With Me’. It’s the perfect way to open up this record. The first thing you’re hit with is that Rock sensibility that only the guitar could deliver. Over the course of the song, it develops into something really special and I couldn’t of a better first glimpse of the upcoming record! I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I did laying it down. I couldn’t have done it without my fantastic band though! We’ve got Bennett Holland on Hammond, Keys and synth, Jack Alexander Timmis on bass guitar and rounded off by Samuel Jenkins on drums. Together, the four of us have created something really special that I hope resonates just as much with someone who’s been listening to Rock for years as it does with someone who’s just dipping their toes in the water.”

“Destination Unknown” is available to preorder on a Limited edition Colour LP, Signed CD and also the opportunity to buy tickets to an exclusive live album playback with Laurence Jones and his performing “Destination Unknown” in full along with some fan favourites.

Clocking in at forty-one minutes “Destination Unknown” packs an effortless Rock punch whilst not forgetting this prodigy of Blues’ heritage. It’s as much The Who as it is Joe Bonamassa and with Bennett Holland’s fantastic keys, it throws back to an era where Jon Lord ruled supreme, but at its core, the record is tethered to a melody. Melody is the undisputed secret weapon in Laurence Jones’ arsenal. Creating licks, riffs and choruses that will remain in your head long after the track has finished.

Recorded at Marshall Studio at the unofficial home of Rock (sorry Birmingham!) in Milton Keynes, the record was produced by Laurence Jones, engineered by Marshall’s own Adam Beer, and mixed by Chris Sheldon before the piece de resistance which saw the record mastered in the hallowed ground of Abbey Road by Christian Wright.

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