The new Maxazine Connaisseurs List of May 14, 2022

There’s no denying that music pours through your blood when you read Maxazine. You enjoy live performances, but you’re also interested in what’s fresh in the world of new releases. You are not alone if you have musical tastes. The musical landscape is far too gorgeous, large, and diversified to devote yourself solely to one genre. Music may touch you to the depths of your soul or challenge your brain in ways you’ve never experienced before, and it’s often more than just entertainment.

If you identify with this, then the new Maxazine Connaisseurs Spotify playlist is perfect for you! Every Saturday, an anthology of the most exciting new music will be played. We don’t stick to one format, but rather embark on a voyage of discovery that takes us through a variety of genres. Music from all across the world, not just English. It makes no difference if it’s released by a large label or carefully prepared and disseminated with Grandma’s aid. You’ll find music that moves you, whether it’s in your heart or between your ears, on this list. Music that either makes you cry or makes you ponder. You can feel the music, but you can’t tie a knot to it.

Every week, you will be surprised. Do you wish to expand your musical horizons? If that’s the case, this playlist is for you!

This week’s playlist includes new music by, among others Florence + The Machine, Paolo Nutini, Peter McPoland,  Ibrahim Maalouf, Valerie June, Dead Can Dance and more great new tracks. Enjoy!

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