“The Ethereal Connection: a Synthesis of U2 and The Beatles” Re-Launches To The Public

After 13 years of gestation “The Ethereal Connection: a Synthesis of U2 and The Beatles” launches to the public, and now the music community as a whole can discover this album cover extravaganza about the Archetypal Journey of the Rock and Roll Hero.

The album cover comparison, which reveals the synchronicity of U2 and The Beatles as part of a greater rock and roll cycle in crisis, was launched for the first time during the dawn of the internet era in 1997, then, for the second time in 2005. Now, after more than a decade, Moises Szarf, its creator, brings “The Ethereal Connection: A Synthesis of U2 and The Beatles” back to the public.

This unparalleled experience makes use of the online medium to show a series of similarities between U2 and The Beatles album covers, discovered by the author 28 years ago after a fateful encounter with a friend, revealing along the way the secret message behind the synchronicity.

The journey can be enjoyed at www.TheEtherealConnection.com lasting about 50 minutes from beginning to end. As in mobile phones many details are missed, the experience is better enjoyed in desktop computers or laptops.

Prior to beginning the journey Moises Szarf offers some words of guidance to the interested rock and roll audiences:

“I hope that when visitors come to the site that they enjoy the experience. It does require attention, participation, and your own will to make it happen. The journey takes place from page to page, so you are tempted to skip and stray away. But if you feel attracted relax into it, take your time, and follow along until the end. There is definitely a reward to be had”

The author encourages visitors who complete the experience to provide feedback, as it has always been important in shaping the journey, and he is open to all types of collaborative efforts.

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