Architects will headline first edition Headbangers Parade with an exclusive Benelux show

Headbangers Parade is the newest festival addition to the Dutch rock and metal scene. And the festival doesn’t come a moment too soon. Partly due to the impact of covid, the already scarce offer of serious rock and metal festivals in the Netherlands has become considerably thinner in recent years. Time for some new blood!

The brand new one-day festival will take place for the first time on 21 May 2022 in the old Philips factory; Klokgebouw Eindhoven. Despite the big nod to nineties tv-show ‘Headbangers Ball’, Headbangers Parade will bring you metal music from all decades. With a modern contemporary line-up, room for new sounds, but also for renowned names, the festival strengthens the foundation of the rock and metal scene in the Netherlands.

“Despite the big nod to nineties tv-show ‘Headbangers Ball’, Headbangers Parade will bring you metal music from all decades.”

That Headbangers Parade is striving to create a innovativ program becomes immediately clear after the first headliner is presented; Architects. After a sold-out performance in 013 (2018) and Afas (2019), the band from Brighton England is coming to Eindhoven for an exclusive Benelux show. But it’s not just the headliner that attests to a modern line-up, all of the announced bands underline the contemporary angle of the festival. Striking and strongly emerging bands such as Ghøstkid are given the space to present themselves in front of a large audience. The more renowned Tesseract is the third name to be announced today and gives the line-up even more dynamism. Stake from Belgium is the fourth and final band from this first announcement.

A varied list of names with which Headbangers Parade establishes itself as a versatile metal festival. In total Headbangers Parade expects to present 10 bands. The ones announced today are not even half of the final program. The remaining ones will be released in the coming months. If these follow the established trend, we can look forward to an extremely interesting and successful first edition of the festival.

Headbangers Parade will take place on Saturday May 21, 2022.

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