Baby’s Berserk join 90s rave & no wave

Based between Amsterdam and Toronto and inspired by 90s rave cassettes and no wave, Baby’s Berserk have announced their debut single “What I Mean / Sleepless”. The lead track “What I Mean” and the accompanying video is available now, with the full single and 7” vinyl release set for the 11th December.

Formed in 2019, Mano Hollestelle (Mauskovic Dance Band), Lieselot Elzinga (designer for Elzinga fashion label), and Puggy Beales (Regular Nature) wanted to create a new, fresh take on underground rave and the 90’s house music they love while seeking a balance between being a live band and club music.

Transporting you to hazy memories of late night dance floors, “What I Mean” is full of spacey analog synths and energetic chanting, while B-side “Sleepless” is a cosmic clash between smooth, melodic synthesizers and sharp, angular guitars.

Released on 7” vinyl by Swiss, sonic explorers Bongo Joe, the release is one of 3 singles coming out on the 11th December to mark the start of the labels five year anniversary celebrations.

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