Sziget Festival will not take place in 2020

This week the Hungarian government has extended the ban on large-scale events until 15 August 2020, and due to this official prohibition, we are heartbroken to let you know that Sziget Festival cannot take place this year.

Sziget has always been special because of the atmosphere the Szitizens, create and the organisation of Sziget is devastated that they won’t be able to see them on The Island of Freedom this summer. Sharing an unforgettable week with them is what keeps them going throughout the year and whilst the whole team has been working very hard on preparing for the festival, their Sziget adventure will now have to wait until 2021. As hard as it is, everyone believes that this decision best serves the safety of all of them and everyone working at Sziget.

Sziget started out as a small gathering and over the last 28 years has grown to become an unbreakable family of Szitizens from all around the world. Although this year we cannot celebrate together in person, we know that the power of the community will help all through this!

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