dj. flugvel og geimskip releases new album

Geertruida just released ‘Our Atlantis’, a new album by dj. flugvél og geimskip an experimental electronic artist from Reykjavik, Iceland. 

“Our Atlantis” connects dj. flugvél of geimskip’s two previous records: “Glamúr í geimnum” and “Nótt á hafsbotni”. The record is about Atlantis, which has been fabled as a highly technologically advanced city (possibly with connections to other planets and aliens), that sank to the bottom of the ocean – where it is possibly still waiting.

The record “Our Atlantis” is about one’s personal choice to decide our own world view. Each and everyone of us lives to a large extent in the world we have created for ourselves, the music on the record ties together the vastness and splendour of space, the mysterious depths of the ocean, and the freedom to form our own opinions on the world around us. We are constantly surrounded by different ideas of what is the ideal way of life, but it is good to have in mind that we have a choice. Nobody can tell us what is “right”. No more that it is possible for anyone to tell us what Atlantis was “really” like. Is the tale of Atlantis a fantastical myth or historical legend? That is for you to decide!

This year she’s playing SXSW, CTM Festival, Ment Festival, Sonar Reykjavik and has played at Mutek Montreal, The Great Escape and many more. 

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