Lydmor & Bon Homme premiere first video ‘Things We Do For Love’

Paving the way for one of this year’s stand-out al­bums, Lydmor & Bon Homme deliver their unfor­gettable debut single ‘Things We Do For Love’ on HFN – a mysterious, moreish, instant pop classic that heralds a great meeting of minds.

Photo (c) Morten Rygaard
Photo (c) Morten Rygaard

Bringing together Tomas Høffding, the singer-bass­ist of experimental Danish trio WhoMadeWho and Jenny Rossander aka Lydmor, a rising sing­er-songwriting star, it’s an intoxicating collaboration that draws on disco and contemporary club music, the atmospheres of 80s electronic pop and the cine­matic strangeness of David Lynch in equal measure to cast a dark, sensual and brooding beauty.

Bon Homme’s husky drawl acts as a foil to Lydmor’s pure siren voice as the tune glides on a bed of sus­tained pads. Detailed, yet expansive, it’s a glorious concoction of contrapuntal synth lines, emotional chord progressions and haunting melodies.

This is the first single of forthcoming album ‘Seven Dreams Of Fire’

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